JOMA SPORT is a SPAIN based global manufacturer and supplier of sport clothing, shoes and accessories. We have been working with JOMA products for more than a decade and have created this resource to help interpret the sizes, shapes and measurements of all their products and present them in a usable format.

We like to identify JOMA clothing as either STANDARD or WOMEN’S products. We use STANDARD instead of MEN’S as there are many circumstances where the STANDARD cut is applicable and sometimes preferred by female customers and we don’t want to associate these products with Men and Boys only.

The STANDARD product range is designed to cater for all shapes and sizes starting from the youngest of ages. There are however, many different styles and cuts that will impact the way a product fits your body shape and the size that best fits your preferences. Make sure you take a look at the JOMA Fit & Cut guide before deciding on your size.

WOMEN’S products generally run a limited size range. Unfortunately, when you are looking at the physical product tag there is no way to identify or destinguish a WOMEN’S product from a STANDARD product. They both carry the same sizing abbreviations which is confusing for all. On this website we prefix our JOMA WOMEN’S products with a ‘W-‘ to help identify these products but please remember the physical product and its tags will not have this prefix printed on them.


JOMA use the adult European Union (CEE) size abbreviations across all their products including youth/child sizes. Early CEE size labels used a number system for youth sizes, but now a number+”XS” (like 4XS) has been adopted. JOMA  also includes the equivalent Central/South American (MEX) and USA size identifiers on their labels which may help you choose your correct size. 


As a manufacturer of performance Sport clothing JOMA Sport uses a number of different fit and cut characteristics. They all have an important purpose but they also add a level of complexity to the size selection decision.

As you move between the Regular, Semi Fitted and the Semi Fitted Pro, the basic body dimensions do stay the same (length, neck size etc.) but the width is going to change dramatically. If you want to change the fit to suit your preference then you will need to adjust you size selection up for a more relaxed fit or down if you want a Regular Fit product to a bit tighter. If you are doing this please also remember that the length and neck size could become an issue.

The Fitted and Compression products are designed to be skin tight. Swapping sizes to find a looser fit isn’t recommended so please only purchase these products if you are happy with a fully fitted product.


As with its general Fit & Cut, JOMA Sport offer a variety of Standard and Women’s short styles and lengths to  cater for a range of purposes and preferences. On all our shorts products we will provide a measurement of the outside leg length (in centimetres) for the medium size for the style. You will see the icon with an M (for Medium) and a number (the outside leg length in centimetres). This will help you get a feel for where the shorts fit within the range of sizes provided by JOMA Sport and abasic understanding of whether they are a long or a short leg fit.


The measurements in the JOMA Sport sizing chart can be a little tricky to interpret. We have put together the below tables to help provide a bit of context to the figures and a comparison showing where the women’s sizing fit within the broader JOMA sizing chart. 

JOMA Sport provides measurements for Chest, Waist and Hips. If you need help figuring out how to workout what your measurements are take a look at the Dummies Guide on How to Get Your Body Measurements. This guide is female focused but will still be helpful to all.

Once you have your measurements check each of the below tables to figure out which size will best suit. JOMA Sport sizing is a little on the small side so we recommend you pick the biggest size if you find yourself falling into different sizes for any of the measurements and move up to the next size if you are on the edge of the measurement range and want a comfortable relaxed fit.

All measurements are in centimetres

Chest Measurement (cm)

Waist Measurement (cm)

Hips Measurement (cm)